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Thermal Intake Manifold Gasket K20Z3 K24A2 For Civic Si TSX K-Series Swap

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K Series K20 K20A K20Z K20Z3 K24A2 Thermal Intake Manifold Gasket Honda

Our TRC thermal manifold gaskets are made of thermal polymer. Thermal polymer material protects against heat soak and maximizes horsepower gains by reducing heat transfer. Thermal Intake Manifold Gaskets are designed as direct replacements for OEM gaskets. With our thermal gaskets, air intake temps are minimized which provides the your engine cooler air for combustion, which results in more horsepower. This and bypassing several heat sources can provide you up to 5% more power.


  • Direct replacements for OEM intake manifold and throttle body gaskets
  • Protects against heat soak and reduces the incoming air temperature before it reaches the cylinder head.
  • Reduces heat transfer into the intake manifold
  • High Heat deflection

Car Make: Honda / Acura
Engine: K20Z K20A K20Z K20Z3 K24A2

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